Title Name Speciality
ChairmanJu-Tse TsaiCitizenship/Social studies Education, Teacher Education, Educational Inquiry Methodology
ProfessorChi-Ming (Angela) LEECivic and Moral Education
ProfessorYung-Ching TsengEconomics, Educational economics, Educational Finance
ProfessorHsin-hao HuangPolitical Methodology
Political Behavior(elite and mass)
Political cuiture and Political development
ProfessorChung Chi WuExperiential and adventure education, Outdoor adventure education, Leisure education, Leisure behavior, Outdoor recreational sport
ProfessorChih-Mou HsiehAdventure Education and Outdoor Leadership
Adventure Therapy (Wilderness Therapy)
Debriefing and Reflection Skill of Experiential Education
Risk Management in Outdoor education
Studies in Solo and Life Reflection
Associate ProfessorAn-Pan LinCivil law, Human right education, IPR-law, Education of law, Introduction to jurisprudence, Gender and the law, Law Practice in campus
Associate ProfessorChia-Fan LinStudent Rights, Educational Laws, Human Rights Education, Law-related Education
Associate ProfessorShow-Mann LiouCitizenship, Social Studies Education, Teacher Education, Educational Inquiry Methodology
Associate ProfessorChin-Chueh WangAssociate Professor of Philosophy of Education, History of Education, Politics and Citizenship Theory
Associate ProfessorRuo-Lan LiuLearning Success for Students, School Environment and Student Development, Service-Learning
Associate ProfessorLiu, hengwenFundamental Legal Studies
Legal History Studies
Associate ProfessorSuchiu ChenGender Politics
Cultural Sociology
Citizenship Studies
Associate ProfessorChen, Yong-Long (Along Y.L. Chen)Outdoor & Wildness Skills, Outdoor Education and Leadership, Explore & Adventure Education, Scouting Education, Cultural Study, Indigenous Education
Associate ProfessorYu-Hsi ChouInternational Finance, Empirical Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
Associate ProfessorKuan-Chiu Tsengpublic organization and management, public private partnerships, government human resource management
Assistant ProfessorChih-Yuan YangReal Estate Finance, Financial Econometrics, Financial Risk
LecturerJimmy LuLecturer In Human Rights and the Constitution, and Students' Civic Development
Title Name Speciality
ProfessorSheue-Mei ChangHigher Education, Student Affairs, College Student, Evaluation and Assessment of College impact
ProfessorShin-Min Chenconstitutional law
administrative law
human right
military & educational law
Associate ProfessorYuh-Haw TengPolitics, Curriculum and Instruction of Civic Education, Textbook Research
Associate ProfessorHO, Huei-chinSERVICE-LEARNING, Voluntary Service, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Child Welfare, Direct Service of Social Work
Assistant ProfessorGuei, Jing-SingOutdoor education, Leisure education, Scouting education, GRA education, Activity leadership, Group dynamics, School administration
LecturerHSIEH,YI-JUNGExperiential Education,Adventure Education,outdoor leadership,outdoor risk management,Active Reflection,Team building
LecturerLee-Yuan Te Administrative Law, Comparative Law, Commercial Law, Consumer Protection Law
LecturerJui-ping ChoAccounting, Auditing, Taxation, Financial statement analysis
LecturerHuang Suh-JenStudent Affairs and Counseling, Civic Education, Scouting Education, Parenting Education
LecturerHsiao, Ru-syuanExperiential Education、 Adventure Education、 Wilderness solo Program
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