Title Name Speciality
ChairmanJu-Tse TsaiCitizenship/Social studies Education, Teacher Education, Educational Inquiry Methodology
ProfessorChi-Ming (Angela) LEECivic and Moral Education
ProfessorYung-Ching TsengEconomics, Educational economics, Educational Finance
ProfessorHsin-hao HuangPolitical Methodology
Political Behavior(elite and mass)
Political cuiture and Political development
ProfessorChung Chi WuExperiential and adventure education, Outdoor adventure education, Leisure education, Leisure behavior, Outdoor recreational sport
ProfessorChih-Mou HsiehAdventure Education and Outdoor Leadership
Adventure Therapy (Wilderness Therapy)
Debriefing and Reflection Skill of Experiential Education
Risk Management in Outdoor education
Studies in Solo and Life Reflection
ProfessorSuchiu ChenGender Politics
Cultural Sociology
Citizenship Studies
ProfessorYu-Hsi ChouInternational Finance, Empirical Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics
ProfessorRuo-Lan LiuLearning Success for Students, School Environment and Student Development, Service-Learning
ProfessorAn-Pan LinCivil law, Human right education, IPR-law, Education of law, Introduction to jurisprudence, Gender and the law, Law Practice in campus
Associate ProfessorKuan-Chiu Tsengpublic organization and management, public private partnerships, government human resource management
Associate ProfessorChia-Fan LinStudent Rights, Educational Laws, Human Rights Education, Law-related Education
Associate ProfessorShow-Mann LiouCitizenship, Social Studies Education, Teacher Education, Educational Inquiry Methodology
Associate ProfessorChin-Chueh WangAssociate Professor of Philosophy of Education, History of Education, Politics and Citizenship Theory
Associate ProfessorLiu, hengwenFundamental Legal Studies
Legal History Studies
Associate ProfessorChen, Yong-Long (Along Y.L. Chen)Outdoor & Wildness Skills, Outdoor Education and Leadership, Explore & Adventure Education, Scouting Education, Cultural Study, Indigenous Education
Assistant ProfessorChih-Yuan YangReal Estate Finance, Financial Econometrics, Financial Risk
LecturerJimmy LuLecturer In Human Rights and the Constitution, and Students' Civic Development
Title Name Speciality
ProfessorSheue-Mei ChangHigher Education, Student Affairs, College Student, Evaluation and Assessment of College impact
ProfessorShin-Min Chenconstitutional law
administrative law
human right
military & educational law
Associate ProfessorYuh-Haw TengPolitics, Curriculum and Instruction of Civic Education, Textbook Research
Associate ProfessorHO, Huei-chinSERVICE-LEARNING, Voluntary Service, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Child Welfare, Direct Service of Social Work
Assistant ProfessorLi, Yu-ChiService-Learning, Learning Outcome of College Student, Assessment of Student Affairs, College Student Affairs Administration
Assistant ProfessorTSAI, Hsin-changcollege students' holistic development and social engagement、student affairs related issues、aesthetic education for community seniors、cultivating seniors service talent in community
LecturerLee-Yuan Te Administrative Law, Comparative Law, Commercial Law, Consumer Protection Law
LecturerJui-ping ChoAccounting, Auditing, Taxation, Financial statement analysis
LecturerHSIEH,YI-JUNGExperiential Education,Adventure Education,outdoor leadership,outdoor risk management,Active Reflection,Team building
LecturerHsiao, Ru-syuanExperiential Education、 Adventure Education、 Wilderness solo Program
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